Get me to the church on time… and in style in 2019…

When it comes to transportation to your wedding, a limo or a classic car is a great option. There’s a lot to be said for tradition. And even more so for the peace of mind that comes with knowing what to expect from your final journey as a singleton. Not to mention the comfort that comes with it. But in this day and age, it’s not at all uncommon for the bride or the groom (or both) to want to catch the eye just a little more. Having only dipped our toe in as far as research goes, we can tell you that there is an absolute treasure trove of possibilities out there. So if you’re looking to arrive for your nuptials in a little more style than the norm and need a little inspiration, read on. We’ve listed some of the cutest, most dramatic, hilarious, weird and wonderful wedding transportation services that could find.


A right royal touch – Horse Drawn Carriage

Not completely unheard of in truth, but a horse-drawn carriage is too magical an image not to earn it a place in this post. For any bride who really wants to make the absolute most of HER day, this could be the best bet. You’ll ideally need the wedding ceremony and reception to be at the same venue in order for this to be practical. If not, a short journey along quiet roads would be recommended. But In any case, this is the way to crank the princess factor up to the absolute max.


From the Big Apple to your big day – New York Cab

Maybe your honeymoon is to be in New York City. Maybe you’ve already been there and you both look back on it as that trip. New York City is a hugely popular destination for couples to visit. And for most, it holds a special place in the heart forever after. If this applies to you, maybe a New York yellow cab is the way for you to catch the eye whilst also rekindling a little magic. Or maybe it’s ideal to get you both in the mood for the trip to come. Or maybe, you don’t fit into either bracket and you just want to be quirky, unique and noticed. Either way, your guests ain’t gonna miss a big yellow taxi.


Back 2 Skool – American Style School Bus

Staying state-side for a moment…staying yellow as well as a matter of fact! Almost as iconic as the New York taxi is the American school bus. Not likely to evoke memories of good times gone by for the majority of UK couples. This one’s all about doing something a bit different. The entire bridal party could arrive on one of these bad boys. Or even the groomsmen if this takes the groom’s fancy. Or maybe you’re looking for a novel way to transport your guests from ceremony to reception. Whatever it’s for, a great big yellow school bus ticks the ‘unique’ box very firmly indeed.


I dooo arrr – Tractor Ride!

Another versatile option that could easily be used to transport guests as well as the bride and groom party. For those who have chosen a rural wedding location, tractor ride could make for something very different to the norm whilst also being in keeping with surroundings. If conditions suit and the route isn’t too bumpy, a trailer decked out in flowers and ribbons could be a relaxing and rather quaint method of wedding day transport.


Two wheels to the altar – Vespas all round

We won’t say we’ve saved the best for last. Although some may think we have. It’s just that this is certainly the most playful mode of transport on this list. A bride or groom party will make an entrance like no other. For the bride in particular, this would be a daring feat in a clean white dress (in fact it would be nigh on impossible with a train, which is worth bearing in mind). But if you’re really looking to make an entrance that your guests will never forget, just picture the image of you and your bridesmaids or groomsmen rocking up on two wheels a piece. It wouldn’t be for everyone, but boy would it get the job done in some style…