Something Old – Let Tradition Lead the Way?

We’re pretty sure that everyone has heard spoken, the traditional rhyme that details what a bride should wear at her wedding for good luck:

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

The old item was supposed to provide protection for any baby who might come. The item borrowed from another happy bride was to provide good luck. The colour blue was a sign of fidelity and the sixpence was a symbol of prosperity (though some versions specify that this was to ward off disgruntled ex-suitors).  Not sure about the sixpence in her shoe though – I’m sure that’ll be quite uncomfortable…

One of the really fun parts of the wedding planning is often trying to find ways of incorporating parts of this tradition into your wedding in your own unique ways. Yes, there will always probably be something old, certainly something new, most probably something borrowed and more than likely something blue. But this tradition has taken on a new form, and for most modern couples, each line will represent something important to them.


So, let’s take a look at that first line. What sort of things that would be classed as ‘something old’ could be incorporated into your special day?


Old Photographs

Whether they’re photographs of you as a couple, documenting your relationship, or photographs of those who can’t be there at your special day, photographs are a wonderful way to incorporate a journey through the ages into your day. You could carry a small photograph attached to your bouquet, or perhaps within a locket. You could then continue the theme of photographs through to your reception by using old photographs as part of your table themes and centrepieces.

Poignant Perfume

Senses are heightened on special days and this is a wonderful way to bring the memories flooding back. Perhaps it’s a vintage perfume of your mother’s, or maybe the perfume you wore to your first date. Either way, you’re bound to feel that extra connection through the scent, that will bring back fond memories.

Special Occasion Shoes

You can go either way with the shoes. You could choose a pair with obvious vintage qualities. Or you can choose a pair that you’ve had for a while but that are your favourite. No one has ever put a specified age on the ‘something old’ either – these things don’t have a magic number. So, a fab pair that have only had a couple of outings due to being for a ‘special occasion’ might be just the job.

Various Vintage

Speaking of vintage qualities, why not go out on a special spree and try and find something vintage from a specialist shop. Your ‘something old’ doesn’t have to be from a family member. But, if vintage chic is your thing then own it. There are so many options for finding just the right thing, too. Specialist charity shops, online retailers such as Etsy, are ripe for your perusal. You’re bound to find something just up your street.

Mother’s Memories

My personal favourite in this selection in the incorporation of a part of your mother’s wedding outfit into your day. Some brides chose to have their mother’s dress altered to fit them, others might borrow a veil. If those sleeves are a bit too puffy and not quite in keeping with your vision, there are fantastic jewellers out there now creating necklaces with lace from wedding dresses or dried flowers from bouquets.