Something New – Don’t Compromise

Continuing from our previous blog, Something Old – Let Tradition Lead the Way? we thought we’d tackle the next line…’Something New’

It’s theoretically easy to include the ‘Something New’ into your wedding day, as you’re more than likely to have at least one new thing in your ensemble. However, it’s often too easy to gloss over that part of the traditional rhyme, focussing more on the something borrowed or something blue. Give equal attention to all lines of the rhyme – don’t compromise – make sure you include something special as you’re something new. After all, this whole wedding/marriage malarkey is something new in itself, really…


Making Your Mark

Anyone who’s doodled their ‘new’ name on a napkin while dreamily imagining their wedding to the man of their dreams will totally understand the importance of this one. If you’re taking your partner’s family name, you’ll also be gaining a brand spanking new set of initials. Incorporate this monogram into your wedding dress, a sash, or your bouquet ribbon. Get a necklace made with this monogram. Or you could have just your new last initial, or each of your first initials. This last option works as a something new even if you aren’t changing your name.


Silver Sixpence

I know we haven’t got to this part of the rhyme yet, but if you’re planning to follow the tradition of wearing a sixpence in your shoe, you’re probably thinking you’ve also nailed the old — they stopped making the sixpence back in 1970. However, in 2016, they started reminting the sixpence. It’s slightly different – it isn’t a circulating coin and it weights in a gram heavier. Wonderfully, you can now have a coin that was minted in the same year as your marriage. Added bonus, your daughter can wear it as her “something old” years in the future.


Pretty as a Picture

Many brides now choose to carry talismanic photographs as part of their bouquets, or as other charms such as jewellery or even charms on their shoes. What could be more symbolic of your new life together than a photograph representing your brand-new bond? The idea of two separate older photographs put together to create a new vision is a neat twist.


Pass me the Handkerchief

Let’s face it, people cry at weddings. Brides, grooms, mothers, guests, everyone is likely to need a hanky at least once during the occasion! This is yet another opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to your something new. Make it personal by adding your future spouse’s family crest (get one created as a wedding gift – something else that’s new!), name, or another sentimental element. Personalise them for the individual members of your wedding party.


When Two Become One

Your new bond is the perfect ‘something new’ which can be symbolised by joining the old to make something brand new. The joining of your two families can be represented in a wonderfully meaningful, inclusive way. Take each of your grandmother’s handkerchiefs and sew them together with a ribbon. Or use pieces of each of your mother’s wedding dresses to make a something new necklace.


It is very easy to overlook this part of the rhyme. It can be made far more meaningful by just a little bit of thought.