Are modern weddings going a little too far?

Over the past decade we’ve seen huge technological advances, with the rise of social media providing an open window for engaged couples to see how others tie the knot. Now engaged couples have an open catalogue on social media, this can lead to competition with other couples for the title of “best wedding” among their social group. Couples are now feeling pressured into higher spending, leading to wedding budgets spiralling out of control. Here are a few requests that Book of Weddings have seen a rise in over the last year.

Drone wedding photos

Drone photography enables photographs from all angles to be taken. From birds eye view of a country estate wedding venue through to a high angled picture of all of the wedding guests. Drone photography starts from £100 for an hour for hire and rises a pilot is needed. Whilst drone photography is cheaper than an average wedding photographer, couples will often opt for drone photography as an addition rather than a replacement of wedding photographers. Many wedding photographers offer drone photography as part of a wedding package for an additional cost. This means that the £1500 average spent on wedding photography at a wedding is likely to increase for those feeling the need for a drone.

Destination weddings

Destination weddings have been on the rise in the last few years. This rise can perhaps be attributed to the falling costs of flights. Whilst a destination wedding for couples with a high budget might not be a problem, it can involve a big financial commitment from family members wishing to attend your wedding.

Many engaged couples see beautiful destination weddings on social media and feel the need to have their own wedding abroad. Whilst destination weddings are appealing, it’s often best to consult with close family members to see if they would be prepared to pay the average cost of around £400 per guest on a destination wedding.

Some will be more than happy to combine a holiday with your special day. You are more likely to get this approach if informing family well in advanced so that they can begin to save. Whilst destination weddings are considered more expensive, you can make a saving by combining the wedding with the honeymoon.

Wedding Animals

A recent trend at modern weddings is animals hire. This can range from small farm animals in a petting area (which is very popular for young guests) through to Alpaca experiences. We know that on social media some of the most shared content is animal related, from cats, dogs through to sea creatures. It’s no surprise that many are opting for animals to be present at their wedding, but at what cost? Animal hire ranges from around £300-£1000 depending on the package you require, packages may include smartly dressed animals with staff on hand to help guests out.

More than just the essentials

When planning your wedding, remember why you decided on getting married to your fiancée in the first place. You didn’t decide you wanted to tie the knot to put on a social media showcase, you decided that you wanted to be with your partner for the rest of your life. A wedding day should be a memorable day based on your love and commitment to each other. So be realistic with your budget, first taking care of essentials like your wedding venue, dress, rings and catering. Once you’ve planned the essentials, see what’s left for additions.