Easy Wedding Favour Ideas

So, you’ve ordered the dresses and the flowers, arranged the venue and chosen the cake, and your husband-to-be has found suitable transport to take everyone who needs transporting to the church and from the church to the venue.  (He’s only got the one thing to do in that respect – you’d better just check he’s actually done it!)  But there’s still some people you have to think about – your guests. 

Unless you’re lucky enough to be holding the Reception on a paradise island under azure blue skies, you’re more than likely going to hold it indoors, and whereas the venue will organise the tables to your requirements – including a table for you to display the wedding presents, remember – you will have to work out a seating plan so that Aunt Doris isn’t sitting next to the one relative she hasn’t spoken to for fifteen years, and those tables will need table decorations and place settings etc.  You’ll also need one item that should be so individual that it separates your wedding from the others the guests may have been to that year – favours. 

There was a time when favours weren’t part of the Reception at all, but nowadays they seem to be one of the items that people remember, apart from the bride’s dress, the service and the meal.  You want them to go away from the Reception amazed at the individuality of the favours they have received.  You want them to say on the way home, “I think those favours were a brilliant idea.  I’d never seen anything like that before!” 

Now, nobody’s going to expect you to personalise the favours to such an extent that you find out the likes of every guest and buy favours to suit the personalities of everybody at the tables, but it is a good idea to differentiate between male and female guests. 

To get something truly individual, something hand-made could be a good idea. Of course, the cost of ordering a hundred or so professionally hand-made items from a craftsperson would be prohibitive, so you could invite all the children in the family together over and bribe them to make beautiful small items with a promise of chocolate or something that would make them equally hyperactive once they go back home. 

Alternatively, there are specialist favour manufacturers – some of which can be found on this site – who produce favours at a reasonable cost. But here are a few ideas to get you thinking!

Lollypop chocolates

Wedding Favour Lollypops
A slightly more grown up lolly pop!


Wedding Favour Candles
Is there anything more romantic than a bunch of tealights?

Your own blended perfume

Wedding Favour Personalised Perfume Bottle
A truly unique way to remember your day

Commemorative Coins

Commemorative Wedding Coins
Like royalty!

Miniature Jams & Chutneys

Wedding Favour Jam Jar
Something a little scrummy to take home

Seed Bombs

A beautiful, natural gift to help the bees

And, our personal favourite …

Lottery Ticket

Lottery Ticket for wedding favour
Fingers crossed!

One wedding guest we know came away from the wedding £500 richer! 

A really satisfied guest!