Alternative Hen Party Ideas

Luckily, the days of you worrying if the groom is going to make it to the church because his parents had received a midnight phone call from some far-flung police station, requesting they pick up their son and to ‘bring clothes’ have passed.  Well, they may not have passed entirely, but at least nowadays his ‘neanderthal friends’, as you will no doubt refer to them at some stage in your relationship, will have had the sense to have performed the hilarious stag party practical joke the weekend prior to the wedding. You, of course, will want to show him how civilised a hen party can be, so you forego the standard hen do for perhaps some pampering at your local spa.  On the other hand, why not try some of the rather more unusual alternatives? 

Escape Room Hen Party

Located in various towns and cities in the UK, or abroad.  
Idea: You have to work out the clues to escape the room.  
Good for fans of CSI and people who are just plain geeky. 

Sports Day

Located in various towns and cities in the UK, or Europe. 
Idea: Just have fun for an hour doing daft things like the egg & spoon race, spacehopper racing, 3-legged racing, wheelbarrow racing, relay racing, running with a bean bag on your head and a sack race!
Good for nostalgia addicts. 

Quidditch Hen Party

Located in various cities in the UK, and Dublin.                           
Idea: Meet the referee (Quijudge), get some practice, form teams and play Quidditch for an hour – carry the quaffle, dodge the bludgers and catch the snitch!  Flying not allowed.                    
Good for Harry Potter fans 

Life Drawing Hen Party

Located in various cities in the UK and Europe. 
Idea:  Well, you get the idea!  Naked male model provided.  Duration – 1 hour. 
Good for getting rid of your inhibitions! 


Located in various towns and cities in the UK, or abroad.      
Idea: You have 2 hours to race your friends around a karting track – note this could be either indoors or outdoors.            
Good for speed fanatics.  These karts go up to 40 mph, but as you’re so low off the ground, that feels really fast! 

Hovercrafting Hen Party

Located in Chester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford and Reading.
Idea: As above, but you’re flying 10 inches off the ground.  Activity time 90 minutes. 
Good for thrill seekers.

Chocolate Making Taster Day

Located in various towns and cities in the UK. 
Idea: You’ll have 2 hours to create numerous mouth-watering sensations.
Good for chocaholics. 

Bubble Mayhem Party

 (similar to Bubble Football

Located in various towns and cities in the UK (and abroad, for football). 
Idea: You have 90 minutes (1 hour for football) to charge about a field with your top half protected in a soft zorb bubble that absorbs the impact when crashing into other people, sending you rolling around on the floor. 
Good for lots of laughter and for building up an appetite and thirst for later.  Not so good if you’re claustrophobic. 

Segway Exploring

Located in various towns and cities in the UK and Europe.      
Idea: Lean forwards to accelerate, lean back to brake, lean from side to side to steer. You’ll be taken to a special, safe Segway course to perform various challenges.                          
Good for everyone, even if you don’t have a good sense of balance – although it may not seem like it at first!                                                              

These are just a few of the unusual hen parties we have found – we hope it has given you some ideas.  There could be some even more unusual hen party ideas in your area!