Winter Weddings – Our Top Five Flowers

In this cold weather, there doesn’t seem to be much life in the plants outside. However, luckily, hidden away in secret hothouses, just waiting to adorn our spectacular winter weddings are some absolutely gorgeous wintertime blooms. So, which flowers are willing to peep their heads above the parapet? Let’s take a look…


Amazing Amaryllis

Amaryllis flowers pack the punch in order to provide the focal point that peonies or lilies might have provided in the spring and summer. These striking flowers are so often seen in the festive season that they make that direct connection to the season that other flowers may not make. Available in shades of red and white, they set the tone for the theme of the rest of our blossoms.


Sprightly Star of Bethlehem

You may think we’ve mixed our blogs here and started on another one. But no, this aptly named bloom has named for its links with the birth of Jesus. Sticking with the white theme that pervades the season, it has associations with the words innocence, purity, honesty and hope. A perfect floral message to include in your bouquet.


Lovely Lilies

Most specifically, the oriental hybrid lily. This sounds a little complicated, but this lily from China is linked to good luck and 100 years of love. Symbolism of lilies dates back to Victorian times where white lilies symbolised purity and virtue, and red lilies: passion. They’re just perfect for any wedding. Watch out though – they have a very strong scent.


Gorgeous Gardenia

Gardenias are well known to be one of the most definitive wedding flowers.  Their delicate, white, whirling petals atop dark, sleek green foliage make them look everlasting.  A huge bonus, in our opinion, for wedding flowers, the gardenia carries a scent. It matches its image in that it is strong and sweet – it has inspired perfumes and poetry for hundreds of years – let it inspire you.


Classic Carnations

You just cannot go wrong with the classic carnation. Available in literally any shade imaginable – if you’re looking for something other than the traditional red and white, this will do the job nicely. They have the added bonus of being wonderfully versatile. You can use them for pretty much any role in the wedding – corsage, buttonholes, centrepieces – the list is endless.

With Christmas on its way, you can wrap any combination of these into a beautiful bouquet. It’s just a case of choosing which ones…