The Butterfly Effect – Top Tips for taking the stress and nerves out of your wedding day build up…

There’s so much to plan for the perfect wedding day. So much to think about. And even when you’ve finally jumped through the last of the pre-wedding hoops, there’s still one last small matter to deal with…getting though the day itself. The planning stage of a wedding is highly likely to make for one of the most stressful periods of your life. The big day itself, not to mention the day or two leading up to it are sure to be the most butterfly inducing days most people will experience. And it’s all perfectly normal and understandable. Getting married is a very big deal. And for you to be thinking clearly, you could really do with avoiding tying a knot in your stomach before you tie the knot with your beloved. So, with that in mind, read on for our top tips on giving pre-wedding stress and nerves the elbow.


Take a break!

During the planning stages, it’s important to remember one very important thing. The day is all about you, but your life can’t be all about the day. You will drive yourself mad if you’re spending every free hour of every day attempting to fashion the perfect wedding. Assuming we’re not talking about a wedding at a couple of weeks notice here – or maybe even less (Vegas, baby!) – you’ve got to make sure you’re using the time at your disposal effectively. That means pencilling in some all-important ‘me time’. Break it up a bit. Do a little bit of what you enjoy. Exercise, relax and treat yourself. You’re already gearing up for one day that’s just for you. Think of this as practice!


Don’t be henned or stagged out!

The stereotypical “last night of freedom” is an all-important tradition these days. In fact, it’s a ritual that goes back centuries. Hen and Stag parties have become far more extravagant, far more elaborate and, most notably of all, far more wild in recent years. Don’t, under any circumstances, feel as though you have to go fully traditional on your hen/stag and have it on the eve of the wedding. Get it out the way early. At least a  month before the wedding. Hangovers can be overcome with plenty of time to spare. This leaves you free to negotiate the home straight of your big day plans with a clear head.


Checklists and Timelines…

Now, when the big day arrives, one thing that you may find a huge help to keep you calm (and this may apply to the build up too) is to have the schedule of the day clear in your mind. We’re talking minute by minute detail here. For the groom, and his best man and ushers for that matter, a written checklist of tasks and responsibilities will be a massive aid. Checking those jobs off one by one will bring you through the serious bit of the day unscathed and into the party on the other side…


Keep a tight-knit squad

Try not to surround yourself with too many people on the morning of. Imagine it’s your wedding day now. Aside from your nearest and dearest family wise, you’ll have picked your best girls and boys to be a part of your day. Think about it…you’ve picked these people for a reason. If they’ve been there for you through bad times, they can be there for you today. They’re all you really need on this particular morning. Talk to them. Laugh and reminisce with them. Tell them how you’re feeling and what’s on your mind. Have some fun. Have a drink (not too much, obvs!). Stick some of your favourite tunes on. Watch a film if there’s time! But however you fill those final few hours, be sure to lean on your besties. It’s what they’re there for.