Summer Lovin’ – You’ll Love Our Top Five Summer Blooms

It seems to have taken an age, but the summer season and the main wedding season is finally upon us. The sun is shining, and the sky is blue – our summer blooms have finally come out to greet us with their smiling faces. Everywhere you look, you’ll find hues of pinks and purples, orange-red poppies dot the fields and shining ivory whites fill the hedgerows. Add that to the plethora of greenery which fills our streets and countryside, you can’t help but be inspired. It’s the perfect time to be considering your wedding flower themes, but what summer flowers are the best blooms for your perfect day?


Dainty Delphiniums

Delphiniums are one of the season’s principle wedding flowers and it easy to see why. As one of the main players in the natural confetti world, delphiniums make a breath-taking impact flower in bouquets and table centrepieces. One of their true triumphs is that there are very few flowers that are truly blue. The delphinium is one of these flowers. It comes in a variety of blues from very pale to intense and literally every hue in between. In addition, what could be the more perfect flower of choice for adding that “something blue” to the bride’s outfit?

Dreamy Dahlias

These cheery blooms symbolise eternal grace, creativity and most poignantly, a new chapter in life. What could be more perfect for your wedding bouquet? Their dynamic shape means they can integrate well with a variety of floral combinations and the fact that they have such a long growing season, means that they are relatively affordable. With varieties of shape and texture and a range of striking colours, they are the perfect statement bloom for the summer bouquet.

Gorgeous Garden Roses

It’s easy to see why roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers. Not only do they look stunning at any time of year, they also symbolise love, passion and romance – pretty much everything you could wish for on your wedding day. These hardy beauties are wonderfully romantic, pretty much straight out of a fairy tale. Whether you choose tight rosebuds, or blousy loose petalled blooms, the garden rose epitomises the English summer wedding.

Stunning Sunflowers

What says summer more than sunflowers. With their happy faces smiling benignly over your day, they’ll bring sunshine to your wedding come rain or shine. Their size means that just a few will pack a punch in terms of impact. The go-to flower for rustic weddings, the mighty sunflower has it all: sturdy petals, bright colour, and instant charm. Who could fail to resist the lure of the superb sunflower? Not us, that’s for sure!

Coy Cosmos

Known for their tendency to dip and move around within the bouquet, these dainty blooms are the ideal flower to add texture and movement to a looser arrangement. Similar in looks to the humble daisy, these tall, long-stemmed beauties come in such a wide variety of colours that you couldn’t fail to find the perfect shade to complement your theme. The dramatic chocolate cosmos has been a wedding flower staple for a long time, and it’s easy to see why.

With these beautiful blooms dazzling us at every turn, it’s hard to decide as to which ones to choose! What flowers will you be picking for your wedding bouquet?