Spring has Sprung – Our Top Five Flowers

Is that you, Spring? Are you finally here? Oh, I do hope so – we’re not sure how much more cold weather we can take. Unbelievably, the wedding season is only a month or so away and with the sun at last peeping from behind the clouds, can we finally seek some inspiration from among those jewel-like spring flowers which are only now starting to peek through?


These gorgeous, fresh new blooms, fragrant with the scents of the brand-new season, are perfect to inspire the selection of flowers for your Spring or Summer wedding. Whether your wedding theme will embody classic, vintage or modern, the Spring flower is the perfect accompaniment. What better symbol for your wedding than that of new life?

Spring Flowers 

So, what are the top five flowers which epitomise the Blushing Spring Bride?


Pretty in Peony

These beauties are known in some cultures as the ‘king of flowers’ and for good reason. With its texture of paper-like softness, in hues of delicate pastel, the peony is an all-time favourite for brides. These blousy blooms are available in white, cream, yellow and a plethora of shades in every tint between pink and red – ideal to complement any type of wedding. The added bonus of nuptial symbolism brings the peony to the forefront of the flower field.

Pretty in peony 

Classic Roses

You just cannot go wrong with the classic rose. Symbolic of love, passion and romance, they look stunning at any time of year. With a history of top-class breeding, you’re guaranteed to find the rose that will best match your picture-perfect vision. From romantic reds, through the prettiest of peaches to classy creams, the range of colour stretches beyond imagination. If the classic look of the straight stem is not for you, why not gather those wild roses in the garden to complement your gypsy-style journey.

Classic roses 

Spectacular Sweet Peas

Once limited to the lilac theme, sweet peas are a rising star in the Spring bouquet. Stunning yet subtle, these tiny, delicate flowers are guaranteed to catch the eye. And in a rainbow range of gorgeous colours, too. With the addition of their adorable tendrils, they add texture as well as scent: could they reflect those gorgeous curly tendrils in your up-do? Whether hand tied in a single theme bouquet or mixed with a variety of other blooms, the sweet pea is guaranteed to blow you away.

Spectacular Sweet Peas 

Luminescent Lilac

There is literally no limit to the power of lilacs. Their fabulous scent will transport you back to your own roots, evoking memories of first loves, sunny afternoons and carefree childhood. Link lilacs to your wedding and this beautiful blossom will bring you back to your wedding whenever you catch the scent. A staple of the handcrafted bouquet, these dreamy little stars will leave the crowd awestruck.

Lovely lilac 

Heartfelt Hydrangea

Huge, robust blooms which make a bold statement; an ideal choice for a standalone tumbling centrepiece, dreamy door arch or picturesque pedestal arrangement. The choice between lacecap and mophead need not be trying, why not try both? This really is the powerhouse bloom of the top contenders because it delivers voluminous beauty from a single stem. These flamboyant flowers are striking, crisp and not in the slightest bit over-elaborate. Hydrangeas are an unbelievably adaptable flower that works for almost any wedding theme.

Heartfelt Hydrangeas 

While tradition denotes that Spring flowers should be tight, round balls, we’re glad to say that time has moved on and these soft, blousy, natural blooms are the way forward. The stylish bride opts for great, opulent, loose bouquets with more natural, spontaneous arrangements that tend to be larger and more extensive than in times gone by.

So, what flowers will you be picking for your wedding bouquet?