Unique and Fun Olympic Themed Wedding Ideas

The Olympics are beloved throughout the world, offering a moment of unity for every country. Because the Olympics are so beloved, taking their theme of love and unity can be a great idea for a wedding. If you are looking for a theme that is unique and that can enchant your guests, a wedding with an Olympic theme can be both a fun and unique option so long as you find the right suppliers. We look at some Olympic themed wedding ideas and some inspiration from couples who have incorporated and Olympic theme into their wedding.



Choosing the right wedding venue can be vital for an Olympic wedding. A great idea is to use a sports field or stadium for the wedding, since that will give the event a real athletic touch. Some people have rented out their local high school’s sports field. In general, outdoor areas can work perfectly and they will allow you to invite a large amount of people.

Entertainment and Decor

If you really want to give your wedding the flavor of the Olympic games, take the time to plan some classic entertainment options. How about trying the 100 meter sprint? It can be hilarious to watch women in dresses and men in suits dash for the finish line and it will put everyone in a festive mood. You can also opt for things like volleyball games, or table tennis. Any other famous sport that you like can be perfect for the occasion. Some people even have tug-of-war with the guests. To enhance all of these games, you can also consider handing out medals for the winners. People will truly enjoy being active and playing with relatives or friends.


When it comes to decor, you can choose to incorporate the classic Olympic designs and colors. Bright colors are a must, especially if you are outside. Balloons in the Olympic colors can also add great sparkle to a field or stadium. You should consider adding special touches to your wedding dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses to accommodate the theme. By adding brooches, pins, or ribbons, you can transform your outfits. Many people, like one Canadian couple, even opted to have their rehearsal dinner themed like an Olympic opening ceremony.

Party Favors


Guests love party favors at weddings. To continue with your Olympic theme, you can choose to hand out chocolate medals. You may also want to consider small replicas of the Olympic torch, or the Olympic circles. Be creative while sticking to the theme and you will amaze your guests.

An Olympic wedding can be a spectacular event that will leave people talking for weeks. Take the time to choose a beautiful location and the right decor for a wonderful experience.