New year, new you?… feeling your best for your 2019 wedding

“New year, new me”. You hear it every single year. Most of us say it every year. And it’s that time again, folks. Tonight’s the night we let it all hang out one last time. We’ll eat a bit too much, drink a lot too much, all the while adamant that tomorrow is the dawn of a brand new, body transforming health kick. For most, despite our best intentions, it ain’t gonna happen. But maybe for you, 2019 has to be different. Maybe, for you, the coming year holds one day of particular significance. A day when many eyes and lenses will be focused on nothing but you…

For some, an upcoming spring or summer wedding brings with it the necessity to look as amazing as possible for their post nuptial snaps. Well, we don’t have a magic wand. But you don’t need one. You are going to look amazing on the day. And making you believe that is the main objective of this post. If you’re looking for a guide on how to be thin, keep looking. Loosing a few pounds is certainly a possible side affect of reading on from here, but it’s not our endgame and it shouldn’t be yours. We just want you to feel great and confident when your day finally comes around. If you like the sound of that, keep on scrolling. We’re about to grab 2019 by its magnificent love handles…



Wow, great, right!? Sleep is the answer to all our pre-wedding insecurities! Well, no, not exactly. It’s a little more complicated than that. We’re looking more at sleep schedule and the quality of sleep you’re getting. An inconsistent sleep schedule leads to an inconsistent appetite. In turn, this leads to an inconsistency in how we feel from day to day. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every single day. Even weekends (though we obviously won’t begrudge you a bit of a lie in). Avoid the impulsive social media binge on your phone when you get into bed. In fact, avoid light up screens of all kinds in the last hour before you go to bed. Reading a book or recording your thoughts for the day in a diary are far more healthy and sleep promoting exercises late in the evening.


Cut the sugar!

This is a big one. Think for a moment about how much sugar you consume in a day. You probably have no idea because you probably don’t check the labels of what you eat. Our suggestion? Start now. Aim to cut your sugar intake all the way down to zero. Easier said than done. You’ve gotta treat yourself now and then. At first cutting sugar will seem like quite a task. The cravings will be strong. But stick it out for 3-4 weeks and see how much better you feel. It’ll help promote the aforementioned healthy sleep schedule. It’ll absolutely make a marked improvement to your skin thanks to consistent insulin levels. And finally, there’s that pesky side affect that we mentioned of possibly cutting a few pounds of weight. Drat!


Get active, stay active

It’s important to find down time in amongst your work/wedding planning. But it’s also important to set aside time to get out there and move. The most vital thing here is that it’s something you enjoy. Maybe you’re already a big gym enthusiast, runner or swimmer. If this is you, all we can say is keep at it. Keep making time for it, without compromise. If you’re not a particularly active person, it’s time to find the exercise for you. Try going for a jog. Even just a long walk if you’re lucky enough to live near the scenery for it. Maybe even get online and see what’s on your doorstep. Just get out there an do something. If you like it, do it again. If you don’t try something else. But do something. Yes, it’s healthy for you’re body. But it’s more important to give your mind something to engage in outside of work and wedding invitations.


Make time for YOU

Mental health is something that’s quite rightly getting a great deal of attention today. And it’s something that you definitely need to consider in order to be the healthiest and most confident version of you that you can be on you wedding day. One of the biggest threats to good mental health is stress and anxiety. And one very effective way to tack these is simply by making time for yourself. You can’t always be switched on. You have to take a break. What relaxes you? What helps bring your mind out of the busy world for a little while. Whatever it is, do it. Every week. No exceptions. Phone off. No interruptions. It’s all gotta be about you for one hour every single week.

Be healthy, feel healthy, feel good, repeat. If you can do that between now and your wedding day, you’ll find that looking good comes along for the ride. Keep it about how you feel rather than how you look in 2019. Happy New Year.