My Very Own Royal Wedding

The temptation to take notes while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married next month may well be quite strong. Especially if you’re planning your own wedding. Whether you’re a huge fan of the Royals or not, it’s worth watching a Royal Wedding for the pomp and ceremony. You might pick up a few hints and tips to help inspire your own special day, too. Let us tip you the wink and give you a heads up for what you should be looking for – then you can sit back and enjoy the spectacle instead.

Fabulous Hats

Nothing says Royal Wedding more than guests arriving in fabulous hats. The stand out hat moment in recent history has to be Princess Beatrice’s sculptural headpiece which she wore to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011. It was worth the attention though – good and bad…. Beatrice’s hat sold a month later, raising more than £81,000 for charity. To give your own wedding a Royal twist, why not ask your guests to deck themselves out in their most glamorous headwear? Jewel encrusted headbands, feathery fascinators or flower-bedecked sunhats – the range is infinite. You’ll certainly be guaranteed some memorable group photos.

Location, Location, Location

Harry and Meghan will be getting married in St George’s Chapel, in the grounds of Windsor Castle. A castle location may seem out of your league. However, there are more than 220 castles available for hire across the UK. Taking into account some of the hints and tips we wrote about last month, there’s no reason why you might not find your true fairytale venue.

Take me to the Royal Wedding…

A well-known feature of any Royal Wedding is the carriage ride. In 2011, William and Kate took a one-and-a-half-mile journey from their wedding venue to Buckingham Palace. This year’s wedding will feature a two-mile tour from Windsor Castle via Castle Hill, travelling along the High Street and through Windsor Town. They’ll then return along the Long Walk for their reception. The Royals do have the benefit of a raft of carriages at their disposal, from open landaus to enclosed states coaches. They even have a Glass Coach, which transported Princess Diana to her wedding at St Paul’s. While you may not have a carriage in your garage, there are plenty to hire if you want to add that Cinderella touch.

Not one, but two!

The Royal Wedding will actually have two receptions. Once Harry and Meghan have completed their carriage ride they will be guests of honour at a reception hosted by the Queen. This is obviously the more formal of the two, with 600 seated guests. They will then change location for a more private reception. Here, they can let their hair down to celebrate with their close friends and family. I don’t think you’ll ever get the Queen to be your MC, but this is probably one of the more ‘normal’ aspects of the wedding. It follows the standard wedding format of breakfast followed by an evening reception. Of course, when you’re a Royal, you can up sticks to your other Royal Residence for more privacy…