Money, money, money – The best ways to save cash toward your perfect wedding

Getting hitched nowadays can cost you less than your weekly shop. But if you’re willing to make the sorts of sacrifices necessary to accomplish that, then, quite frankly, you’re on the wrong website. For most of us, the wedding day is something not to be compromised on. Well…within reason. Everyone’s got a budget. And the bigger the budget, the better your chances of pulling off the wedding of your dreams. Blank cheques and money trees are ideal ways of bankrolling weddings…how the other half lives, and all that. For the rest of us though, there’s a harsher reality: Weddings, done spectacularly well, are really, REALLY expensive. It’s so unfair it makes you want to stomp your feet and whine like a kid, but it is the truth. But what if we told you your budget could be hundreds, even thousands of quid bigger than you ever believed possible? Well, with the right mindset, it can be. It’s all about an every-little-helps attitude, a few sacrifices and a tiny bit of Book Of Weddings know-how. So if you’re looking to bolster your wedding war chest, read on…



What can you cut back on?

It’s time to be honest with yourself here. What little expenses do you have in your day-to-day? Do you grab a coffee on the way to work? Do you buy food from a canteen or a catering van? Perhaps you have a bit of a pub and a takeaway tradition going on of a Friday night. It’s time to start looking at these things as luxuries in life. Luxuries that you don’t need. There are two very important things to remember here. Firstly, this is temporary. You are saving for a (hopefully) one-time thing.

Once you’ve had your perfect wedding, you can start to live it up a little again. Secondly, think about the cost of these little luxuries. Let’s look at the things we’ve mentioned alone. A coffee en route to work. What are we talking about here? A couple of quid? Three? A sausage roll or the like from a food van. A pound? One-fifty? The Friday night session with a Chinese take out…difficult to put a price on really. Some are bigger drinkers than others. What we know for sure though is that a pint isn’t as cheap as it once was. Lets say we spend a tenner a week on coffee, £7.50 a week on work snacks and £50 on a low-key Friday evening. That’s £67.50 in a single week. And that’s just three things out of who knows how many luxuries you could live without. It all adds up. Stick at it, make the savings and don’t just spend it all elsewhere, and you’re onto a winner.


Clear the clutter!

Another thing you may have thought of but dismissed. What have you got that you could sell? You don’t need to make any massive sacrifices here. We’re not talking about grandma’s pearls. We’re talking clutter. You’re not likely to have any antiques knocking around that’ll single-handedly pay for every plate of food. We’re definitely playing the long game here. Books, DVDs, trinkets, anything. Even unwanted birthday or Christmas gifts. It beats re-gifting them! You’ve got to keep in mind that every pound is a win. If you sell an old DVD for a couple of quid, it’s a couple of quid you didn’t have before. Stick at it. eBay is the daddy of online selling tools. Keep a lookout for their free listing and zero commission windows.


Put it all on paper

The written word is one of the most valuable things to us. Written numbers in this instance could boost your wedding budget by a long, long way. As simple as it sounds, getting your budget down on paper can be a highly effective tool. Look at all the little sacrifices you’re making. Figure out just how much that’s going to bolster your budget based on how long a planning window you’ve given yourself. It’s important to keep it up to date. And we don’t just mean in terms of income, but outgoings too. Think of it as your own personal wedding ledger. Keep your records up to date and your mind on the job, and you could be looking at a wedding budget unlike anything you ever dreamed of…