The Honeymoon Conundrum Part 2 – Totally Tropical

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you our top picks for an isolated honeymoon. Today it’s the turn of good old sun, sea and sand. For the married couples-to-be out there who know what they like (and who doesn’t like the idea of hot sun, white sand and the blue ocean with a piña colada?), a good old sunny beach holiday will do just fine. But that’s certainly not to say that you’re not making the most of your honeymoon. It’s possible to go down the typical sun lotion route and still have an extra special breakaway that you’ll drive people mad talking about for months. With that in mind, read on for our top picks in the smokin’ hot honeymoon market for 2019…

Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater makes the cut first and foremost due to the fact that it’s the safest bet for sunshine in the world. Consider first of all that the average number of sunny days in the whole of the United States is 205… The Average for Clearwater alone is 240. The record?…only 361! And you won’t be surprised to learn that that is, in fact, the world record too. For those who long for the simplicity of doing nothing but soak up the sun and forget all the troubles in the world, this is a winner. It’s as postcard perfect as you can get. For those who might want to break up all of the nothing-doing with a little action, you’re catered for too. Dolphin watching, snorkelling, nature trails, parasailing and kayaking are just a handful of the activities on offer.

St Lucia

As tropical as it gets whilst also offering a little bit more. The simplicity of sun, sea and sand might be the essential getaway for some. But for others, maybe there’s such a thing as too much blue. If this is you, St Lucia might just be the answer. A picture of this tiny little island has a little more to it than just the ocean, the sky and the beach. Green mountains flank picturesque valleys and fishing villages along the whole coastline. If you’re up for getting out and exploring a little, the capital city of Castries has a busy marketplace. For any green-fingered newly-weds, it’s worth taking in the tropical plant life of the botanical gardens. Ticking the little-bit-of-action box is the zip wire above the rainforest, offering stunning views of St Lucia’s natural beauty. This little gem is a great all-round option.

Koh Lanta, Thailand

All of the above with the addition of pure, unadulterated, spoil-yourselves-rotten luxury. The further south you’re willing to travel, the more privacy and seclusion awaits you. Beach after beach, they get quieter and quieter until you might just end up thinking you’re on your own private island! To make the most of the star treatment on offer, the best bet is perhaps the Pimalai Resort and Spa. As well as the pampering and treatments offered by the spa, there are eight restaurants and bars catering for the foodies among you. There’s even an on-site gym if you feel you’ve overindulged (it is your honeymoon though, don’t forget. If you’re not allowed now, when are you?). The stunning furnishing of the varied accommodations on offer, combined with its gorgeous beach and rainforest surroundings make this a great honeymoon option if you can afford it…


In the ‘Destination: Isolation’ blog back in November, The Maldives made our cut. This is despite probably not having exactly evaded the thoughts of most couples mulling over possible honeymoon destinations. To be honest, it could have picked itself for this list too. But in the interest of giving another well-known set of paradise-of-your-dreams islands a chance, we’re chucking Seychelles into the mix. Just like with The Maldives, it’s absolutely NOT a budget option. But, just like with The Maldives, we cannot impress upon you enough that you’re paying for utter, picture-perfect paradise. Do you remember the old Bounty adverts? It’s that. Literally that. If you really do like it sizzling hot, how does your own private paradise a click or two from the equator sound? With 115 islands making up this beautiful nation, there’s something for everyone in terms of accommodation.


There are no cheap holidays here, but there might be some surprisingly affordable options if you’re willing to look for them. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, folks. How much more of an excuse do you need?…