Hiring key wedding suppliers for your big day

Planning a wedding is a big job for that big day. While the bride relies on you to take care of everything, you can delegate certain services to wedding suppliers. You’ll want to book these suppliers early on.

Wedding Venues

You should move quick to secure a venue for your wedding. The good places are often booked for a year in advance or more. Make sure to consider the venue size, whether the style fits with the bride’s theme and budget. Going online is only a good idea for research to see what is available in your local area. You will also want to see the owners in person before booking it.



Great food and a fabulous wedding cake make the reception. You can use the internet to research caterers, but its a good idea to meet with potential caterers in person to discuss their services. Make sure the caterer can handle the number of guests attending the reception, and offers the kind of dishes that the bride wants available. A sampling session with the happy couple in tow is also a good idea.



Keep the reception lively with some entertainment. There are a number of singers, dancers, and bands that post their work online, which should make it easy to sample their music before booking the entertainment. It’s important that the entertainment fits with the wedding theme and the budget.



You can book a transportation company online too. Local limousine rentals provide the transportation needed to take the bridal party from the church to the reception. Check that the right kind of vehicle is available and that they can provide transportation for everyone. You may also want to look up the company’s reputation to see if they have any bad reviews from previous customers.

Event Furniture/Equipment Rentals

Chairs, tables, archways, and other event necessities may be available through online rental companies. You need to check that they can deliver the furniture directly to the venue on the day of or the day before the wedding. It is a bonus if they can help set up before the wedding and break down afterwards.


Deck out that wedding with loads of lovely flowers. Planners can use a reputable website to order the flowers or a local florist. The online service is more affordable, even with shipping. However, you will be responsible for setting up the flowers at the venue. Check out reviews for the florist to ensure that previous customers were happy with their product before ordering.