Getting Married in 2017? What to Consider This Year

The days grow short before your wedding day arrives, but there is still time for last-minute planning. Whether you have a wedding venue reserved, caterers hired, and florist picked out or not, these last months still brim with possibilities and important tasks to make your most special day be the best memory you have your whole life through.

Brides and grooms who already have most of their wedding planning done should focus on backup plans just in case anything goes wrong. An immediate correction can save the day.

Choose a Backup Location

This is especially important for destination or outdoor weddings because more things can go wrong. The venue itself should make alternate arrangements, but these can sometimes cost extra.

Test Samples and Finalize Designs

Re-test the wedding cake, catered food, and floral arrangements prior to your ceremony and reception. Although most go through taste tests prior to hiring, make sure the baker, chefs, and decorators know exactly what you want. Additional checks bring you peace of mind.

Gather RSVPs and Make Travel Arrangements

Some people may not be as forthcoming with their RSVP as others. Call or text the people you definitely want at your wedding to determine their status. Help long-distance friends or relatives find transportation and lodging.

If you have not rented, reserved, or hired anyone yet, do not worry. You still have time to create a glorious wedding day.

Last Minute Venues

Other couples may book the hottest halls and hotels in town a year or more in advance, but you can find other options that will work just as well. Hold events with shorter guest lists in restaurants or local halls rather than wedding-specific venues.

Be Prepared for Extra Legwork

The smallest and most casual weddings may work well with a standard sheet cake from a bakery and flowers from a local shop. However, if you still want the full wedding experience but have limited time, call and meet with more bakers, catering companies, florists, DJs, and perhaps even additional churches for the ceremony.

Getting married is one of the most exciting events in a person’s life. If you are planning a wedding in 2017, it is time to make the final decisions and get everything in line for your perfect day. From beautiful venues to the final rosebud on the wedding cake, you can have the wedding of your dreams whether it is in two months or ten.