Destination Italy – Jet Off To Your Perfect Wedding

While Harry and Meghan are getting married with all due pomp and ceremony in the heart of the UK, for many, the idea of a wedding here at home is not the ideal. The destination wedding is becoming more popular especially as the cost is a definite bonus. Estimates vary as to how much the average UK wedding costs, but latest figures put it at around £27,000, with numbers in London reaching £38,000. In contrast, a couple could get married abroad for around £6500. It’s a tempting difference. One in five British couples say Italy would be their ideal European wedding destination. So, let’s look at why you might like to relocate your special day.

When in Roma…

Italy is synonymous with passion and it seemingly runs through every part of life. Therefore, your special day is guaranteed to be even more memorable in the country that pretty much invented ‘amor’. Along with love running through its very veins, Italy takes its heritage very seriously. The hundreds of historic venues dotted around the country are in fantastic condition. Whether you choose a fairy-tale castle or a stunning villa, you’re guaranteed to find a perfect venue.


Spectacular Scenery

It’s not just the wedding venues themselves. The country as a whole encompasses a plethora of stunning settings. In the north, Lake Garda and Lake Como are just two of the more notable lakeside settings that the country has to offer. Also, the colourful houses of the Cinque Terre are guaranteed to be seared into your memory forever. In the south, you cannot help but fall in love with the Amalfi Coast. Its cute little hillside towns above the sparkling blue sea, make for the perfect backdrop.

From North to South, East to West, you’ll discover rolling hills, dramatic mountains, endless vineyards, hilltop villages and historic cities. The hardest part here is to come to some decision – you can’t choose everywhere – and you’ll want to.

Food and Drink

There’s a good reason why Italian restaurants make up such a large percentage of the UK’s restaurant market. Italian food takes the simplest ingredients and transforms them into a meal of superiority. And it can only be better in the land of origin. From handmade pasta to fresh seafood, your wedding reception meal is guaranteed to be mouth-watering. At to this the fact that some of the best wine in the world originated in Italy. With vineyards the length of the country producing more than 300 grape varieties and some of the world’s most famous wines, you can toast with Prosecco and then celebrate with the local vintages. Choose somewhere like Tuscany for your wedding and you can have the pleasure of marrying within sight of the vines themselves.


Wonderful Weather

One of the things that fills most couples with dread is the possibility (read probability in the UK) of rain or grey clouds on their happy day. A rainy summer’s day is always a possibility in the UK, but in Italy, it’s all but certain that you’ll see perfect weather from May to October. It’s worth noting that while Italy is not on the equator, it really can get quite hot in midsummer and you don’t want you and your guests melting through the ceremony. However, their springs and autumns almost guaranteed to be perfect.

Italy – The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Everything that makes Italy perfect for your wedding abroad makes it just as perfect for your honeymoon – so if you’ve been struggling to decide between city, country and coast, there’s no reason to miss out on any of them.