Choosing Between an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding

Making the choice between and indoor and outdoor wedding on a beautiful summer day can be a tough decision and has been a debate in the wedding world for decades. However, there are many factors that you may want to consider before making your choice between the two options. Here are some tips and tricks to use when deciding whether you would like an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Weather is a Factor

If you live in a place that does not get a lot of rain in certain months, that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. If you want an outdoor wedding, you must plan for inclement weather, including rainstorms and even heat waves. Guests will not want to sit in the sun for an extended period of time if the temperatures are too high. There should always be a “Plan B” that includes a rental hall that can be used, but keep in mind this will also affect your budget.


The Outdoors Provides Natural Decor and Lighting

If you want to trim your decor budget, consider a scenic outdoor ceremony or reception. Nature will be there to provide you with all that you need as far as decor and it can make for some stunning photos of your special day. The sun will take care of lighting your ceremony but if you are thinking about an evening reception outdoors, remember that lighting will not be as easy to come by and will need to be set up well in advance. Nature also unfortunately can provide bugs, and not everyone wants to be swatting at mosquitoes while you are cutting your cake.


The Indoors Provides Weather Protection But Not Decor

Indoors you will not have to worry about lighting or bugs, but you may have to consider design regulations and what is allowed and what isn’t. Make sure the wedding venue allows for open flame if you want candles as your centerpiece, and that the air conditioning is working for a summer wedding. If you want a send off that includes sparklers or floating lanterns, you will have to get that approved by the venue as well. You may also need to provide your own clean up services after your reception which means you will have to stay personally or hire an outside company. You usually also have to book indoor venues well in advance to get the date you want, whereas many outdoor locations can be booked only a couple months in advance or “last minute”.