Our Top Suggestions for an Alternative to the Sit-Down Wedding Breakfast

Many couples are opting for something a little bit different to the traditional sit-down wedding breakfast. Modern day weddings are becoming more about a couple’s lives and loves and they’re looking to find a wedding breakfast that reflects their true personalities.

So, if you’re looking for a scrumptious alternative to serve to guests on your wedding day, you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps a vintage afternoon tea or sassy street food stall – we’ve considered some of the most delicious foods you could serve up as an alternative to the usual fare. We’ve put together a list of suggestions, so you can treat your guests to something different.


Pleasant Puddings

Well, you could just get rid of the meal altogether and dive straight into the sweet stuff! If we put our sensible heads on though, this is a great alternative to your dessert course. Or, if you’re thinking of different options for your evening food, the pudding cart may be just the thing. If budget’s an issue, it’s the perfect option for couples looking for entertaining and inexpensive food for their guests. The sky’s the limit here: meringues, cheesecakes, brownies, cupcakes, macarons, cookies, doughnuts. Whether you chose to serve them on one enormous table of irresistible delights or opt for food carts spread throughout and around the venue. If you want to try making it more budget-friendly, you could bake some of your own treats or even ask the guests to contribute to the spread.


Vintage Afternoon Tea

Ok, so it doesn’t actually have to be vintage themed, but you have to agree it lends itself to the idea. Entrance your guests with sweet or savoury, buttery scones, flakey pastries and those little sandwiches with the crusts cut off. An afternoon tea not only tastes good but it looks gorgeous as well. You may think that the afternoon tea is just too small an offering to truly satisfy your guests. Or perhaps you’re thinking it may not soak up some of the alcohol that some of those guests may tend to imbibe later in the evening. The nature of an afternoon tea is that it’s heavy in carbs – the perfect man for the job so to speak. After eating a bit of everything on offer your guests are sure to be satisfied.

Summer Barbeque

Nothing epitomises summer more than the barbeque. Guests will drool over sizzling sausages and flavoursome burgers, but there’s no reason to stop there. Juicy steaks, sizzling skewers and succulent corn on the cob all make for a flavour sensation. The British barbecue is guaranteed to be a hit with all your guests, it’s just perfect for sunny celebrations. In order to ensure that all your guests feel loved and wanted, you’ll need to remember to provide quality food options for your vegetarian guests. With the amount of tasty vegetarian barbeque alternatives out there, we can’t see that being a problem.


Homely Hog Roast

These are starting to pop up in many an evening do. It’s a British classic, perfect for all seasons. Whereas the barbeque can be seasonally restricted, the hog roast conjures images of mittens and fireworks on a cold November night. It’s in no way limited to this, however, as it’s also great for that festival feel. Your major restriction is the vegetarian options, but there are plenty of ways around this. Potato salads, pasta salads and roasted vegetables will all go down very well. Particularly if you really put some thought into making them jazzy and interesting.

Street Food Fun

The outdoor festival vibe continues with a taste sensation street food spread. Street food has become really popular over recent years and it’s easy to see why. One of your main issues will be having to limit the cuisines you choose. With choices ranging from Oriental noodles, succulent seafood, woodfired pizzas or even ice cream and candyfloss stalls – you’re spoilt for choice! Traditionally, you’d only pick one option for the main event. However, there’s no reason others couldn’t be brought in later in the day. There are options to suit all budgets, big and small. Just don’t get carried away (we know, it’s so hard not to).


So which would you choose? Whichever one, it’s sure to be tasty – please can we come?