5 Creative And Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

The right poses and angles can turn simple photographs into immortalized moments that will transport you back in time every time you look at them. Years after your wedding, the images that make you smile, laugh, tear up and shake your head will be the ones that will matter the most.

A good wedding photographer is open to ideas and suggestions, so don’t be afraid to share yours. Are you drawing a blank on unique and fun photography ideas? Keep calm and read on for a few creative tip-offs.

Capture all of your favorite people at one time with aerial images

Is there a spot above the crowd where the photographer can catch a birds-eye-view? One way to have everyone you love in one picture is by staging an aerial shot.

Suggest a picture that shows the guests toasting you as a new couple. Or, organize everyone into a circle or heart, and stand (or dance) in the center.

Show family and friends honoring the couple’s privacy as they steal kisses throughout the day

Truly cute moments are when children close their eyes as the new couples kiss. But why stop there? Ask your guests to cover their eyes as you kiss in front of the church, at your reception table and while “hiding” around corners. Each person’s mischevious grin will enhance the hilarity of these moments.

Don’t forget to include your fur babies into the family photos.

Pets are our family members and as such should absolutely be part of the day. In addition to capturing Fido acting as ring bearer, take a photo of his paw on top of the bride and groom’s hands.

Incorporate mirrors for truly unique reflection shots

Ask your bridesmaids to stand on either side of a full-length mirror that you are in front of. The photographer will catch how you look in the mirror’s reflection as your bridesmaids smile at you.

The first moments are the ones where people show the most emotion.

There are few things more breathtaking than raw emotion. When the groom first sees his bride walking down the aisle, the bridesmaid’s first glimpses of the bride in her gown and the father of the bride just ready to walk his daughter down the aisle are a few of those moments. Before and after shots (before seeing the bride and just after) make these pictures a little more special.